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I'm not sure if it was Jack Hogan or Jim Pearce that said this, but whoever it was characterized the Toshiba sensor as "edgier"; that just like the D300 you needed to get exposure right or it could bite you.  The D7000 sensor is a remarkably forgiving sensor - it limits gracefully under pretty much all bizarre conditions that we can think up, which has conditioned us to expect the ability to do photographic contortions with our cameras on a whim.  The D7100 is more of a photographic gymnast - capable of fantastic things, but requiring more skill and control from the photographer, and often operating on the edge of disaster.

A bit florid, perhaps, but I enjoyed the metaphor. Or is it analogy?

Are you saying mossy, that the D7000 is more like a tube amp, and the D7100 more like a solid state amp when it comes to clipping the music?

Oooo, audiophile references, I love it!  Perhaps.  Tube amps generate more even harmonics and gentler rollloffs into clipping, which sounds more musical and warm.  But solid state amps generate more odd harmonics, which are harsher, and will clip strongly.  Both cover the music with subtle veils of their own unique character.  Which viel you choose is up to you.  However, if either one started generating a Madras shirt when reproducing certain types of music I'd get worried.

Now...where are my Tiptoes amplifier feet to reduce the effect of microphonics on my solid state amplifier?  You can hear their benefit, you know...but only with 0000 gauge transmission line Litz wired oxygen free cables which any truly serious audiophile would use as a matter of course.

Next, let's talk wine.

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