low light shot of Sony NEX-6 vs Fuji X100

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Re: low light shot of Sony NEX-6 vs Fuji X100

Pete peterson wrote:

I did some test shots at home under florescent light. I don't know if the test was fair though because of the fuji prime lens. Perhaps I need a prime lens on the Sony to make it fair.

Please feel free to add low light indoors shots of Sony NEX 6 with a prime lens if you have any.

I will add low light outdoor shots as well when it stops raining in this country!

If it can be considered a fair test, I think the Fuji X100 wins hands down.

PS: The Fuji's EVF under this light was far superior to the NEX-6, despite the sony's 1 million extra pixels in the EVF. The sony's is crispier in bright light but it suffers from some kind of shimmer, for want of a better word,  where as the Fuji EVF is stable.

Fuji X100, f/5.6

sony nex-6

First, indoors low light non-flash exposure with the Nex cameras do tend to under-expose, and shift the WB (towards yellow). This makes for a nicer evening glow, but is not always preferred.

I don't have Fuji, but can compare with Canon, and the Canon handles such low light conditions much better than the Nex. With the Nex, you have to adjust the WB to get much better results. Please note that the Nex is sensitive to the color of your light source - the further away from true white, the stronger the effect. Incandescent and neon lights behave quite differently. Try to change the WB manually, you be surprised.


  • Fuji - f/5.6, 10/11s, ISO 400 (overstated? - let's assume ISO 200??)
  • Nex - f/5.6, 10/25s, ISO 200

Even if Fuji overstates the actual ISO, by 2x, the Nex gets less than half the amount of light in the exposure. That does not make any sense. I can understand a WB shift, but exposure wise, your Nex shot seems very dull (underexposed).

This is not a kit lens versus fast lens issue - both are used at f/5.6. The EVF issue can be explained this way - by using the kit lens at f/5.6, there is no way to get a brighter preview (even with live-view effects off). The Nex-EVF will brighten a lot with a faster lens.

Below are two 'darkish' uncorrected OOC camera shots with the E24 and E50, both wide open at f/1.8. This scene shows the WB 'yellowing' that the Nex-cameras'auto-WB suffers from (look at the white wall in background), and which can be adjusted for.

E50 at 1/80, F1.8, ISO 400

E24Z at 1/60, F/1.8, ISO 200

E50 at 1/80, f/1.8, ISO 640

Proper white balance under low light conditions - see how the (off-)white walls remain white?

Below is a low-light 'high ISO' shot (notice the faster shutter speed), but the white walls remain white.

E50 at f/1.8, 1/200 and ISO 1600

However, if I take your Nex shot and compare to my second shot and extrapolate f/1.8 to f/5.6 (3.5 stops), and only adjust shutter time, the exposure time would go from 1/60 to about the 10/25 that your shot reports. In other words, you metering seems in line. Still, your images seem fairly dull (underexposed).

I would suggest to try a different scene (with less gray) and set up HDR bracketing (for +/- 1 EV) and compare those shots. Set your WB manually to tungsten or incandescent if it doesn't expose properly.

Also, make sure that the EVF/LCD is not set to BRIGHT/OUTDOORS - then you can at least judge the result by inspecting the in-camera preview after the shot, and make adjustments like that.

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