low light shot of Sony NEX-6 vs Fuji X100

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Re: low light shot of Sony NEX-6 vs Fuji X100

Like so many "tests" here, the only thing these images show is that few know how to run these tests. This test is, to be charitable, a mess. The only thing it proves is that both cameras and the subject were in the same room.

I've thoroughly tested the NEX-6 with both the kit 16-50 and many manual focus lenses. Let me start by stating without reservation that under no circumstance I have experienced has the NEX-6 unintentionally underexposed a single image, whether in bright sunlight or deep darkness - and some of my shots were done in the latter with my 85mm f1.2L.

So let's get one thing straight: The Fuji and the NEX are likely indistinguishable in their ability to produce an image under any situation. Of course, lens aperture may be different because of many factors. Had both cameras been set in P (program) mode, and for the same ISO, the tester could have seen in the viewfinders of both cameras what each was selecting for the scene. Under those circumstances, there is no question the images would have been comparable in exposure.

The Fuji might have been sharper at any given aperture - a prime optimized to a single sensor and image processing darn well OUGHT to be sharper than a kit zoom built for a camera capable of shooting through any hunk of glass except maybe the bottom of a Coke bottle. There may be, as a result of firmware programming differences, differences in noise at different exposures and low-light NR decisions by the engineers.

And yes, GB, kit lens bashing is alive and well here on the forum, especially among those able to afford expensive Zeiss primes, etc. Few of those bashing the kit lenses show us remarkable shots that could not have been made with the kit.

As I repeatedly ask, how DID Henri Cartier-Bresson and Alfred Eisenstadt and Robert Capa and W. Eugene Smith ever produce such wonderful images with uncoated lenses and ASA 100 film, without ever hearing about lens IQ or OSS.

RGBaker wrote:

Amamba wrote:

2OP: did you use the kit lens on Sony ? I just got a Nex F3 with 18-55 and bought 50 1/8 separately, and in low light the performance of these two lenses is very visibly different. At the moment I have little love for 18-55. You should really try putting better glass on Nex and using the same exact settings to compare the two cameras. FWIW the Fuji may still be ahead but right now, in all due respect, this is no comparison at all.

With respect, the difference between the kit and the prime both at 50 and both at f8 is hardly what the OP is revealing in his underexposed shots.  I know that kit lens bashing is popular in every forum but my own experience is that the lens is capable, and offers a very good value for dollar -- there are more expensive options that are better, but the kit is nowhere near a poor performer.

My Flickr set for the kit includes a variety of shot types, and the kit holds up well in every instance:


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