Thom Hogan's assessment of a D400

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Re: Thom Hogan's assessment of a D400
Whether it is a better body is debatable. The D7000's body wasn't better than the D300S for me, but haven't had a chance to play with the D7100. I can't see it being that much of an improvement from the previews I've seen so far.

I bought D7100 while lookin' for d300s replacement. Better and only suitable replacement was D4, I fell in love with it after just 10 minutes with and few shots in difficult lighting. Sadly it is out of my budget.

Then I tried D800 which is a direct replacement (It is true D400). Nice body and feel after d300,  but copy I tried wasn't right with AF and very poor color performance at hi-iso, after d4!

My handheld D600 was superfast and precisious with centerpoint AF, had slightly better hi-iso. But place I live is well out of certified Nikon centers and I can't agree to send body for cleaning 1000 miles away just after purchase. Also bad tracking abilities after D300.

The most wanted feature of these bodies was new lens-specific auto-iso, because I do reportages with zooms and badly suffer from smashing photos in bad lighting, while change from 12-24 to 70-300. One time I ever think about d5200 ;(

Then comes D7100. It is too early to make conclusions, but the only thing I lose is PC-Sync. But D300s still here for studio flash control. Yet I found no AF Release+Focus priority mode but wait how it will prove in reality.

From speedpoint D7100 definitely need a fastet and biggest available card like Sandisk Pro 95 64GB. (One day I've made 4000 shots with d300s). Anyway most shots with d300s was 14-bit 2fps.

D7000 never focused my attenton so I can't talk about it.

I would like something to upgrade from the D300S in the long term though, if not a D400, or a D7200 if they make that attractive enough in the future, then a Canon 7DII may be my upgrade route. If that even exists and appears. And assuming Canon don't mess that up too. lol

Just think about D7100 as a true mini-D4, as I do. Responsible, precise, fast, accurate. Far better than D600.

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