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Re: SSD performance

Tareq Abdulla wrote:

The drive perform fine, the boot is fast and the apps open fast and no much issues yet, but i can't figure out if it is truly AHCI enabled or not, and what i will see if that AHCI is enabled somehow?

Yup. Magician could not detect the type of SATA interface. That's what I had on my old machine too. If it can't pick up the interface details maybe it just defaults to AHCI disabled.

Try running the AS SSD benchmark:

Then compare the 4K versus 4K-64Thrd numbers.

If AHCI is working the 4K-64Thrd numbers will be much higher than the 4K. Maybe 5 to 10 times higher.

If AHCI is not working, the 4K and 4K-64Thrd numbers will be in the same ballpark.

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