OMD severe flash exposure problem

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Re: OMD severe flash exposure problem

daddyo wrote:

I will be following this thread with great interest, as I also find that Olympus flash metering is too greatly influenced by high reflectance surfaces. I encounter it all the time shooting professionally, but it's not a deal breaker, as I generally just dial in flash compensation when needed. However, there are times when I don't have time to do that, and just have to correct an image in post processing.

I am not at all familiar with Canons flash system, but it seems to work better than the Olympus system for the most part.

Given all the benefits of the E-M5 to me, I can live with the flash issue. However, I would like to hear from some Metz users to see if this issue is any different using Metz flashes.

I would love to be able to lock a mid-tone flash exposure when shooting people at events.

God Bless,


Regarding Metz flash I can answer (have a Metz52):
bought a Metz flash and it behaves similar to my small addon flash (besides the fact that ISO800, F2.8, 1m would overexpose because the Metz can not flash this weak ...).

The flash intensity needed seems to vary with distance/direct light something like this:

  • direct flash with 1-2m distance:         +-0EV flash compensation
  • bounce flash with some direct light:   + 1EV  flash comp
  • bounce flash avoiding direct flash:      + 1,3EV or +2 flash comp
  • same 3 numbers regarding flash comp for RC-mode 

But all in all the flash seems to be quite consistent with my OM-D, I only have to dial the EV-comp because I switch to indirect/bounce flash. Once I set the compensation it works satisfying.

Best regards


P.S.: First when I tried the RC-mode with the Metz I had severe exposure problems. After trying some 100 shots I realized the addon flash was defect: It did not fire some of the RC-control micro-flashes and as a result the Metz gave confused flashes: some very bright and some very dark.
After replacing the OM-D addon flash, the Metz behaved normal again. Maybe your addon flash also simply does not fire correctly?

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