D7100 Presents: Single Shot HDR

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D7100 + 17-55mm on the side of a freeway.

Been trying to enable hdr on my D7100 but yet to do so. Looking in the manual on page 115 seems easy to do. I have the camera on Aperture mode and when I go to the menu settings and try to choose HDR it says 
"This option is not available at current settings or in the cameras current state"

Any ideas?

In-camera HDR only works in full JPG mode, but if you know how to post process, using a RAW like above will give you a ton more flexibility and much higher image quality.  You absolutely need a tripod or a wide angle lens for in-camera HDR, since it won't align the photos for you, too.  And if anything's moving in the image, it won't turn out very well.

Cheers, just realised it only works in jpg mode. I doubt very much I'll use the hdr mode as I generally bracket images and run them through Photomatix but just couldn't work out why it wouldn't allow me to choose the setting.


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