low light shot of Sony NEX-6 vs Fuji X100

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Re: low light shot of Sony NEX-6 vs Fuji X100

Pete peterson wrote:

For a given light condition, in aperture priority, should it then not matter what the aperture is set to because the camera will set the shutter speed to compensate for different aperture settings and hence give the same exposure? In which case my test should be somewhat valid. Or am i thinking priority shooting all wrong?

You correctly understand aperture priority in that the camera lets you set the aperture but it then sets both the ISO and the shutter speed, but the point is that if a meter calls for ISO100 f4.0 and 1/60 of a second that should be true for every and any device -- the NEX, the Fuji, a Nikon, a Canon, a 6cm square film camera ... Meter readings are device agnostic.  If you are getting different meter readings between two devices, that's a problem -- once you've got a meter reading, you should be able to make those settings on any device and get the 'correct' exposure.

Your test so far seems to indicate that you are getting different meter readings -- that's not a test of the cameras ability in low light, that's (given the underexposed NEX shots) an indication of a meter failure, or a setting for some sort of particular mode that is giving the 'wrong' reading.  For example, some PS cameras have a 'spot light mode' based on the assumption that exposing for a dark/unlit background will overexpose the subject -- far as I know the NEX6 has no such mode, though there is an EV correction setting that can be dialed in various ways ...


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