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Re: SSD performance

Tareq Abdulla wrote:

No Success, i did modify in Registry and still i can't find anything about AHCI, not in Bios and not in Device Manager, and Samsung Magicion keep sayinf that AHCI is disabled.

I think that's a bug in Samsung Magician!

I had the same issue here with a 840 Pro on my old machine. Magician said AHCI was disabled but my BIOS and operating system said it was enabled. I ran the AS SSD Benchmark software and the 64k thread numbers seemed to confirm that AHCI was working.

After I transferred the 840 Pro to my new machine, Magician said AHCI was working. The performance was significantly improved but that was due to SATA III versus SATA II.

I don't think the AHCI status reported by Magician is accurate/reliable on older (pre SATA III) systems.

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