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Re: You want to use Shutter Priority not Aperture Priority

Richard Southworth wrote:


Probably more accurately I'm in love with cameras in general.

Fabulous pictures as compared to what?  I think it stands up very well against other travel zooms.  I own a Pansonic ZS15 and the Fuji does significantly better, although that's somewhat unfair because the ZS15 is quite a lot cheaper.  I bought and returned a Canon SX260, turned out to be worse than the Pany.

I presently have the F900 set up in Aperture only mode, DR400, medium size jpegs (8mp), auto iso 3200, and as such it does well over a large range of situations.  I also own a Canon G15, which will generally beat it out image quality wise, has a fast lens across its range,  but of course is larger (not really pocketable) and limited to 5x zoom.

When I travel I will take both the F900EXR and G15 with me, may even have both on my belt (I don't really put any camera into my pocket, much prefer a belt pouch regardless of size) at the same time.  If I were restricted to only one it would probably be the G15, would just give up the long shots.  However I believe it is a mistake to only take one camera on an important trip,  it it fails you're out of luck.

If the zoom factor is not of paramount importance then another camera I own, the S100 (S110 recent incarnation) is hands down the best travel camera ever IMO, very small, very good image quality, but only 5x.

Don't know what else to tell you, the F900EXR is a  neat little camera, certainly the best pocket zoom I've come across, and I plan to have it on my belt each day when I walk around the neighborhood, great for shooting kids, deer, dogs, birds, etc.  And of course I have to show off and attach a recent capture.

Richard Southworth


Thank you Richard.

The Canon S110 was where I was leaning to at first but really would like the longer zoom. Size and image quality are important to me as well.   I have also researched the SX260/SX280 but something keeps drawing me back to the F900. My camera store finally got the F900 in so will go and check it out tonight.

p.s. what a cutie Bella is

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