Do I really "need" a Q :-)

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Re: Do I really "need" a Q :-)

SRT201 wrote:

Trying to figure out what to do with a BestBuy gift card and the Q (not the Q10) seemed an option.

I have the K-01 and really like it.  Sure the Q is VERY small but will it essentially just be a replacement for a P&S?

Will that small appeal wear off when the sacrifice in IQ becomes more apparent?

I gather the output looks decent in good light but gets into P&S territory when indoors.



... and yes I know... I certainly don't actually NEED one by any means.  

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I think the output looks pretty fair up to ISO 3200, especially for B&W conversions, nice grain.

In some ways it is a sacrifice in IQ, of course, can't beat physics, but it is also fun because you can change lenses.  That being said it definitely does its best at base ISO.  I think for the discounted prices you can get the original it is a steal.  For retail prices I would be inclined to shop other products as well, but if a person wanted the 06 zoom (50-150mm APS-C equivalent) and either the 01 prime or 02 standard zoom it could be a nice set.

The main benefit is going to be macro at shorter focal distances, meaning if you have the same field of view lens, say a 16mm f/1.4 manual focus, equivalent to a 55mm field of view on APS-C, you can actually get shallower depth of field with the 16mm because it can focus much closer on the Q.  This isn't good or bad, just most of the lenses focus closer.  Except the 06 zoom, pretty terrible minimum focus on that lens, probably due to small size.

The main issue I have found using manual focus lenses is you can't use an external flash, which is really unfortunate.  Also, to get good results from C mount lenses you need to buy the expensive high resolution lenses.  The 5 MP and up lenses seem okay.  These aren't small, and cost around $200 and up.  Some of the 2 or 3 MP lenses will be okay as well, especially stopped down, but then the kit lens is more tempting.

Are the three Q reviews I have done, 01 prime, 16mm f/1.4 C mount, and 02 standard.


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