iZoom, FZ200, LX7, FastStone - a few thoughts

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Re: FZ200: Pixel size of RAW files with iZoom On, etc.

Mikedigi wrote:

Shooting RAW + Fine Jpeg (by mistake!), the pixel sizes of the RAW files are as follows:

Normal zoom 24x:  4016 x 3016

iZoom 37x:           2596 x 1952

iZoom 48x:           2016 x 1516

Meanwhile I have noticed that if I set Quality to Raw + Fine JPEG, iDynamic is greyed out and cannot be switched on in P or A mode. More weird logic.


Right. iZoom saves the cropped sensor in the .RW2 ( but re-expands to 4000x3000 in the JPG).

iDynamic function includes ISO modification, and I suspect that particular diddle is incompatible with the Raw output.

You'll also find that EZ is still active - but the zoom is always limited to 24x. When you save as JPG+Raw, EZ takes the full sensor and remaps the output to the selected pixel count without any cropping


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