How good is the X100S?

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Re: How good is the X100S?

I am with Sulis2 - 'I ain't see'n it'.  The camera is a lot more responsive, feels great to use, I love the brighter finder etc etc.   However, when it comes to PP, it is a pain.   I didn't have to try so hard with my old X100 - the gorgeous files just popped out of the RAW, and hit me in the face - the S files are damned hard work and still skin tones look like plastic, when viewed on 100%.  There is more depth to the S files, but (oh boy hard to explain), I just ain't seeing what everybody is raving on about.

I will need to decide in the next few days.   If I am going to offload this thing on 'fleabay', I had better do it now while it is still 'flavor of the month'.  With built-in-obsolescence being what it is today, a secondhand electronic device has the resale value of used undies, after about 4 months.  I can probably get most of my money back now though, because these are still hard to get a hold of in Auss at the moment.


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