How good is the X100S?

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Re: How good is the X100S?

I am really not intending to try to do down the X100s - if it works for you, then great. All I can do is report my experience. If you want to know more details of the AF trouble I was having, then it's all in this thread here:

None other than Zack Arias kindly gave some advice, which was to use a half size focus box, and get it to focus on a solid bit of the subject then recompose. That's fine, but if the addition of phase detect pixels can't stop it focusing on the background if there's the slightest opportunity, then they don't add an awful lot. And if I'm going to be focus and recomposing anyway - just to be sure - then I might as well be using manual focus and the AFL button on the X100.

My ultimate point is that the AF on the X100s - and the comments in the other thread seem to bear this out - still is not intelligent enough to focus on subjects in the foreground at the expense of the background. This is partly a contrast detection issue - but the phase detect pixels ought to be able to overcome this in good light.

Making the size of the focus box so small that it just focuses on the foreground subject sounds like a straightforward solution, but there will often be subjects (especially moving) where that will still be no panacea.

It also makes using the OVF even more hazardous if having the focus box go green still means you don't know where it's focusing.

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