low light shot of Sony NEX-6 vs Fuji X100

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Re: low light shot of Sony NEX-6 vs Fuji X100

Pete peterson wrote:

I did some test shots at home under florescent light. I don't know if the test was fair though because of the fuji prime lens. Perhaps I need a prime lens on the Sony to make it fair.

Please feel free to add low light indoors shots of Sony NEX 6 with a prime lens if you have any.

I will add low light outdoor shots as well when it stops raining in this country!

If it can be considered a fair test, I think the Fuji X100 wins hands down.

PS: The Fuji's EVF under this light was far superior to the NEX-6, despite the sony's 1 million extra pixels in the EVF. The sony's is crispier in bright light but it suffers from some kind of shimmer, for want of a better word,  where as the Fuji EVF is stable.

Hi Pete, this isn't a fair test. You need to take shots on each camera of the same scene/lighting, at the same focal length, the same aperture size, and the same ISO, both with center metering. Try it in A mode with EV at 0 for both, they will most likely turn out similar, with the same auto-selected shutter speed. Even then differences could be down to different metering systems, reported ISO sensitivity, or EV foibles of each (e.g. the old NEX-5 used to over-expose by 0.3/0.7 in good light, the NEX-F3 under-exposes by 0.3, so comparing them at 0 isn't equivalent).

Your different apertures & ISOs produce different exposure results, as one would expect. Camera/lens testing is not easy!

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