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You have to realize all this stuff is just getting in the weeds of the technical side of photography, and will have little baring on the vast number of images produced by the camera. But many find it interesting, and you have certainly added more food for thought.

This is indeed not everyone's concern, but is also not an imaginary problem. In particular to us that like to do single-exposure HDR-like rendering, which is very simple in LR4. For instance, I often want to lift faces in the shadows on midday family photos. One simple LR4 recipe: sink Highlights -100, lift Shadows +100, lift Exposure +2 (or to the clipping point), adjust Blacks and Clarity to taste, done in 10 seconds. The lifted shadows often turn out miserable if I underexpose a bit with the D90. I thought the new sensors are about two stops better in this regard, but with the streaking issue there might be hardly any improvement, unless Denoise/Dfine can clean this up.

A similar D7100 example with banding (or whatever) noticeable in the lifted tree:

http://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3469400 (sample shortcut, not mine: http://chrisfiorephotography.com/blog/upload/_DSC0678.jpg)

A controlled comparison of different wide-DR cameras on a clear worst-case sample is needed because real-life samples like the one in the linked thread only show traces of the problem, not enough for a good comparison.

In my view then, what this boils down to is that, despite all the technological advances, one prime advise still stands.

- Expose correctly in the camera for best results.

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