What is largest possible print size with a GH3 1 and 12-35/f2.8 (without loss of Quality)

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Re: What is largest possible print size with a GH3 1 and 12-35/f2.8 (without loss of Quality)

josbiker wrote:

Is there a relation in viewing on a P.C. monitor at 100% with a 16MP file, and if so, what is than the size of the printed photo?( with the same quality in relation too very minor details of the photo (pixpel peeping))

Wiith my GH3 file at 4,600px across and my monitor with 1900px, at 100% it is equivalent to a print of 4600/1900 x the monitor width, in my case 24 inches.

So (4600/1900)x24 = nearly 5 feet across.

For top quality, in a print you are looking at 300ppi so  4600/300 or 15 inches. In practise, to my eyes, you can go much bigger than that without noticeable quality loss. My screen resolution is 1920/24 = 80ppi

The other actor is that if you had a print nearly 5 feet across, you'd stand much further away than the 2 feet or so from which you generally view your monitor.

So in my case, a print 5 feet across viewed at 24 inches would be similar to the view at 100% on my monitor.

It's all a bit in the air in practise because you'd be doing a lot of head swivelling to view a 5 foot print at 2 feet and so only be able to take in a portion of it at a time. Also, you view your monitor by emitted light whereas the print is viewed by reflected light.

I have to do quite stringent quality control for some of my tasks and so viewing at 100% is necessary for that. But it doesn't equate to any real world viewing and what I know is that for any size of print I am ever going to need, my CSC camera is more than up to the job.

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