Anyone jump ship to the D7100 yet?

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Re: Anyone jump ship to the D7100 yet? (No)

I did not jump ship. Here are my reasons:

1. My 7D is about 3 years old. I think it is too early to upgrade.

2. 24 MP vs 18 MP means little to me. No OLPF might make the comparision more complex, but I doubt that it will alter my conclusion.

3. Increased DR at ISO 100 would mean something to me (e.g. salvage shots where the flash did not fire). Not enough in itself, though.

4. I have some investement in Canon lenses and flashes. My options would be to dump this at a loss, then purchase corresponding Nikon equipment new, or to spend lots of time selling and buying at "good" prices.

5. I have invested time in understanding the Canon system. I am sure that I could accomplish the same with Nikon, but it would mean investing time that could be spent on other things.

6. I have the impression that the 7100 is a formidable 60D-competitor, but not really a 7D competitor. For that, one would expect a D400. If/when that appears, I am guessing that Canon better have a 7Dmk2 ready to stay competitive.

7. Lately I have been spending more time (and money) on lighting, filtering, finding that it seems to have a better "ROI" in terms of end-results vs money and time than improvements in camera and lenses in my case.

8. I am intrigued by FF and the prices of current "economy-FF".

BTW, I still take the opportunity to critizise Canon for their still-image sensor development, and to advice people who are just starting out to seriously consider Nikon.


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