What is the best digital camera for photographing fast moving objects? (sports, children, animals)

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my experience

So we know that you want to shoot fast moving subjects, and that your budget is $1000. What kind of expectations do you have? Do you want to make 1 meter prints, or sell images to magazines? Do you expect to use a lot of time learning how to use the equipment? Are you willing to lug around heavy gear and setup remote-controlled flashes? Or are you a typical family-guy with small kids and a dog who wants better than compact-camera images?

Shooting moving objects is difficult. I bought the 7D with IS/USM lenses, but I am by far not a "pro", nor do I have the time or the interest of a 20-year-old aspiring photographer who spends 8 hours a day perfecting her skills. What I am saying is that even after following the advice on this forum, expect a low hit-rate and lots of trial and error.

Oh, and rather than trying to get the perfect technical shot, try to capture the moment while its there. I am better at giving this advice than adhering to it myself


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