Negative Voting DESTROYS "Challenges"

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Re: Negative Voting DESTROYS "Challenges"

Harveydad wrote:

... and I wonder whether it is worth to repeat all the endless texts written before. And I believed the whole time that I was able to explain things... now I doubt it again.

I believe that this whole thread re-enforces something I recommended a long time ago:  eliminate voting in the Challenges.

Then it won't be a Challenge any more. It will only be so many thematically gathered galleries.

Dishonesty  cannot be controlled, obviously, whether it is real or imagined.

Elementary, my dear Harveydad. Nobody aspires to control dishonesty ("who will remain, oh Lord?") - only its unwanted effects in the Challenges. And that is feasible, as has been explained umpteen times already.

Let the Host of the challenge decide on his own, or with outside opinions if he so desires, which photograph(s) best meet the criteria he established for that particular challenge.

The hosts here are not repeat not workhorses. The challenge entrants in their role of voters are called upon to decide the entres' successes. What the hosts do, they set up some hopefully interesting theme and take care that all entrants have the same competing circumstances. Within these tasks, it is their duty to ensure that inappropriately submitted entries do not compete.

We can still see all the entries for ourselves and decide whether or not we agree with the host.  Then move on.  Our lives will not be changed.....

Consciencious hosts are eating enough flak as it is, for trying to ensure the challenges run smoothly and honestly for every participant. Exposing them to opinions, and especially "opinions" as to which one decision in the ranking was correct or not is simply too much to expect.

Please understand that hosts are not staff. The way they're chosen now, they even don't have to be photographers. It seems that it is enough if they're members! Hosts are just members of DPR who would also rather enter their images than vote, and rather share their views and thinking than police the game they've created in the best of intention for everybody to have fun. Or would you have a 15-year old kid who got a camera for birthday decide whether your picture was good or bad? How about competing against a bunch of friends who are having a laugh at everyone competing against their rigged winning system? Good luck with that!

The problems are not at the hosting side, except when your host is a cheater, or professional troll, or a careless individual who makes it his business to counter every attempt at betterment. The problems are related to this hysterically ridiculous urge to win (even with no gain), the readiness to lose face, to manipulate, and to appear what one actually is not (because nobody is a better photographer if s/he arranges with several people to say so). In short: the problem is in galloping vanity, which has become so commonplace that it tends to establish itself as something normal. It is not normal. It is actually sick, and seriously - no question about that.

I read the thoughts of people who try to ensure some sort of fair play by restraining themselves from ever being dishonest - by not voting in the challenges where they have their entries, or by not voting at all. Now, is it not bordering on the extremes? It is like applying the logic, "let's not eat, for we'll be hungry again anyway". All it takes is being a photographer, and being able to appreciate other people's work in an unbiased way! "Do unto others as you would..." etc. Where is the difficulty in that?

I'll repeat it once more: the challenges can be made cheat-proof; this Site can get rid of low down characters who were behind the door when God distributed honesty. But it can't be done with no hosting tools, with no help from challenge programmers, and without support from the challenge entrants and voters.

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POGO was right !

Charlie Brown was right too, but look how it did not help!

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