Thom Hogan's assessment of a D400

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Re: Thom Hogan's assessment of a D400

krikman wrote:

I doubt this will be a game changer, I just don't see how can it be. Even if Nikon figured out how to make it shoot 30 frames a second -- do you really need it?

I actually do think this is going to be a game changer much like the D300.  It's just taken too long to replace. I don't think incremental improvements are on the way.  Wow type stuff is coming...

Game changer I say!

Yes. Because d7100 already better body than d300s was. It's better in all and every aspect (except obsolete flash sync and 10-pin). It have more direct controls than D300s and perfect for all-round and travel. I've lust for d400 until d7100 arrival and can say it isn't downgrade in any aspect. So D400 won't be just 24MP DX in D800 body (Already D800 is 15 MP D400).

But what't interesting is HOW d400 can change game?

Today engineering can make just anything, but imagination still stays behind.

Whether it is a better body is debatable. The D7000's body wasn't better than the D300S for me, but haven't had a chance to play with the D7100. I can't see it being that much of an improvement from the previews I've seen so far.

It is not just the body where it is lacking, but mainly in the performance. I don't want to take a step down in frames per second and buffer size. Any thing that comes to replace something, if indeed that is what the D7100 is supposed to do, replace the D7000 and D300S, then in shouldn't be any worse than what it replaces imho. Here's the new Porsche 911, it doesn't go as fast as the old version, and the 0-60 time is a bit slower, but it's got the same gear box and suspension. (and a whole new body ;)) Er, I don't think so.

I've gone from thinking there will be a D400 to not so many times, that I'm getting fed up withh Nikon for doing nothing. Just say yay or nay.

I hope Tom is right and there will be something announced in the Summer, but I can't help thinking there is less and less for them to do to it to make it stand out at the top of the DX tree. The D300 (and D3 and D700 from about the same time) was such a revolutionary camera that Nikon would find it hard to make the same impact. They now seem to to be on the Canon slow evolutionary jumps, rather than leaps, but seem to have got on the pixel war bandwagon. Maybe there isn't the option to make a leap. :-/

Glad I still love my D300S.

I would like something to upgrade from the D300S in the long term though, if not a D400, or a D7200 if they make that attractive enough in the future, then a Canon 7DII may be my upgrade route. If that even exists and appears. And assuming Canon don't mess that up too. lol

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