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Re: Sirui T-1204x

NZ Scott wrote:

Jerodequin wrote:

Hi, was wondering if anyone could suggest some good tripods for a m4/3 setup (heaviest combo I'll be using is a gh2 with the new 35-100mm lens) I already have a lightweight tripod (silk mini) but want something a little more robust to carry in the car.

Would prefer something sturdy and relatively tall but not *too* heavy! Price-wise up to around £150...

I've been scouring reviews and 'best tripod' roundups all morning but everything seems to be very full frame slr focused and possibly overkill for micro 4/3 systems?

All advice and suggestions are much appreciated.

A great tripod. Carbon Fibre. Weighs only 800g-900g. I've paired mine with a Photo Clam PC-33NS ballhead and would buy the same combo again.

I paid RM 750 for my T-1204x here in Malaysia, which is almost exactly GBP 150. The ballhead was additional to that, but you can sometimes buy the T-1204x bundled with a ballhead for not much more than what I paid for the tripod alone.

A review here:


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I use the Sirui T-1205X with the C10 head and likewise would buy the same again.  Very sturdy whilst being transportable.  My review of the T-1205X and T-025 can be found here.

Dave Tainer wrote:

I got this same tripod, but non-carbon fiber version (Sirui T-005x, c-10 head). When you take out the center column and mount the camera directly to the tripod it is as solid as any tripod I've used, which include Bogen/Manfrotto and Gitzo up to $400 and much heavier.

How did you mount the camera to the tripod?  The problem with both the T-005 and T-025 is the fixed raised centre column (which can itself extend).  Did you find a way of removing this centre column and affixing the head direct to the legs, at the leg joint itself?


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