D7100 Landscape image with DxO (big size)

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john Clinch Veteran Member • Posts: 3,523
Re: D7100 Landscape image with DxO (big size)

well there is clearly loads of detail. But something isn't quite right. Although its hard to know having not seen the original scene. The colour doesn't look quite right but foliage can look odd at certain times of year

The histogram is a bit odd. It has a bit of a gap between before we really get to the black pixels, then there is a massive spike. So when I play with curves to get the contrast up I just end up with too many blocked shadows. In photoshop the levels then the shadows high light tool seemed to help. What was the light like when the scene was shot? As it is I think the image lacks contrast

I quite like the composition but I've never really got a shot like this to work. If the light is strong there is to much contrast. In flat light there isn't enough contrast

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