Advice on low-light photography (s30f14? no OSS)

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Re: Advice on low-light photography (s30f14? no OSS)

smallLebowski wrote:

Hey guys,

In near future I have a trip with my class to national park including 2 nights: campfires, low-light e.t.c. I ordered LA-EA2 adapter and I'm salivating over Sigma 30mm f1.4 (older one) - mainly for it's low light capabilities at wide open f1.4. I know it's soft wide open at corners and that is ok with me for low light.

However, my main concern is that using LA-EA2 I won't have OSS and I was wondering if that would defeat the purpose of this lens for low light photography (longer shutter speed/blur due to absence of OSS). I won't be using tripod (don't want to be a "Photographer" while my class will have fun). So what shutter speeds I'm looking at with that lens at f1.4 (is it realistic to get during campfire 1/50 at 3200/6400 ISO) - or should I abandon that idea?

P.S. I have NEX 5R.


With all due respect I think you are overthinking this. Campfires bright enough to see your friends are plenty bright enough to shoot with the kit lens. People just sitting around a fire are not point guards taking jump shots. ISO 400-800, f4-5.6, 1/4 second should give you fine results. Just start there, and adjust.  You don't need a tripod - God gave us knees and hands for that.

Too many people on the forum think you need to run out and buy expensive new lenses to get some shot. There's almost always a way to get great shots with whatever you own. Take a look at the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson or W. Eugene Smith - how DID they get those low-no light level scenes without some whiz-bang f1.4 Sigma and OSS, often at ISO 80?

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