iZoom, FZ200, LX7, FastStone - a few thoughts

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Re: iZoom, FZ200, LX7, FastStone - a few thoughts

pdpics wrote:

This discussion of IZoom and that it works with Raw files had me intrigued.  So I made 3 test shots with my LX7 set at max optical zoom but with varying amounts of I-Zoom applied.

With no IZoom applied the Raw image was essentially the same size as the JPEG image.  As I add IZoom, the Raw image becomes progressively cropped until it is half the size of the JPEG image at 2x IZoom.

This cropping of the Raw or sensor image seem to give a side benefit in that the light metering also adjusts to the cropped area.  I have provided my processed Raw images below to illustrate the results.

That parallels what's seen with FZ200.  Only cautions I've found are that some Raw processors (specifically DXO) won't read the  reduced-pixel .RW2 files, and others (Silkypix) apply different default processing values for them.


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