A99 viewfinder - please help

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Re: I will counter that..

lim yau tong wrote:

The EVF suppose to represent what you see in real live. Sony should fix it if that is not the case. More over the EVF is now very different from the LCD. Tell them that you do not have this issue in the beginning.

When you wear glasses the viewfinder will be the same as the LCD because your eyes are stopped down for the sunlight so you will have a dimmer view. With your eye pressed up against  the EVF you will have a dillated pupil and see a nice bright image plus with no reflections. LCD's are just poor with any ambient light and with glasses that will be present as your pupil is so far from the eyepiece lens and light is leaking in from all directions.

Wearing glasses with any optical kit is a pain and LCD/AMOLed  EVF's are never as bright as an optical viewfinder.

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