D7100 'streaking'

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krikman wrote:

Don't worry guys.
I still have no D7100 at hand, but I have (A) window, (B) screen, (C) Nikon D300s.

Nikon D300s proven for absulutely no visuble artifacts.

ISO400. Exposition by left part. +5EV +recovered shadows. Bands is here.

An interesting find. But I'm still interested in a controlled comparison between a D7100 (or D5200) and a D7000 (or D5100) on an obvious (worst-case) sample like the Horshack's -1EV. It would be interesting to check other brands that use exmor or other wide-DR sensors too. I believe this is relevant for single-exposure wide-DR processing.

-1EV Exposure, ISO 100

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