Is FF sensors going to slowly phase out?

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Nope, it's rather the opposite.

dpyy wrote:

Isn't it amazing how close in performance the APSC in NEX is compared to the FF sensor on A99? If you look at the scores from DXO, it's not very different maybe half to at most one stop of difference in ISO performance. Even if you look at test photos, including the tests done here at dpreview the difference is minimal. I guess a bigger performance jump from APSC to canikon's FF but not to sony's own flagship FF.

So is the FF going to slowly phase out? Does the FF NEX even makes sense at this point? At maybe 3-4x the price, you're only getting marginally better results. Unless the FF NEX is expected to out perform the A99 significantly?

As sensor prices continue to fall, the FF will become dominant. The APS-C, m4/3, and other odd formats are transitory, the only reason they exist is the large sensor manufacturing costs. But eventually, silicon will drive away the metal (and glass). By increasing the sensor size the lenses become cheaper to produce. Sensor QE of modern sensors is not far from the maximum (ideal sensor), there isn't much room for APS-C improvements left, the sensor size will soon become the only determining factor.

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