Jazz concert , D600+80-200 AF-S, ISO > 6400

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Re: Jazz concert , D600+80-200 AF-S, ISO > 6400

kanaddict wrote:

About the exposure compensation. I use Aperture priority set to f2.8 with matrix metering and auto-iso.  The negative EC is needed to get the right exposure for the subject. This is how I like to deal with concert light, but some may prefer another setting.

Yes, concert light is sometimes a challenge with high contrast ratios etc -- but you'll probably find that the newer Nikon FF (D600 and D800) will do significantly better that your previous D300. At least that has been my experience.

Obviously if your setup works well, continue to use it. However, just for comparison, I often use either spot metering with some exposure compensation (locking the exposure with AE-L on the face) or sometimes but less often center weighted metering. I find that spot metering works better in some scene lighting, when there are huge contrasts that fools the matrix metering.

At higher ISO's it was very easy to blow the hightlights with the D300; the D600/D800 are much more forgiving with their high DR, and also the matrix metering works better. But you might want to try spotmetering out at some point in time, in order to help avoiding some of the lost highlights that can show up as discolouring in the face of the musicians.

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