Advice on low-light photography (s30f14? no OSS)

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Re: Advice on low-light photography (s30f14? no OSS)

smallLebowski wrote:

Hey guys,

In near future I have a trip with my class to national park including 2 nights: campfires, low-light e.t.c. I ordered LA-EA2 adapter and I'm salivating over Sigma 30mm f1.4 (older one) - mainly for it's low light capabilities at wide open f1.4. I know it's soft wide open at corners and that is ok with me for low light.

However, my main concern is that using LA-EA2 I won't have OSS and I was wondering if that would defeat the purpose of this lens for low light photography (longer shutter speed/blur due to absence of OSS). I won't be using tripod (don't want to be a "Photographer" while my class will have fun). So what shutter speeds I'm looking at with that lens at f1.4 (is it realistic to get during campfire 1/50 at 3200/6400 ISO) - or should I abandon that idea?

P.S. I have NEX 5R.


I would say that OSS would be a really nice feature to have in those conditions. Remember to use flash together with long shutter speed (this technique seems to be forgotten in the times of OSS).

I would prefer the SAL 35/1.8 instead of the Sigma. But I would use my 24/1.8

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