"Mirrorless" is the future???

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Re: Four years? Not likely.

sandy b wrote:

First, their are only two camera companies that have even posted a profit in the last two years, yup, canon and nikon. They still control north of 75% of the market. You can be pretty much assured they are not asleep at the wheel. They have both introduce mirrorless camera lines. the V1 has better AF than any other mirrorless out there, and the new A has better IQ than any 4/3. As far as being a pro and giving up FF, sorry, nothing is even close to FF in image quality, other than Sony which is using a FF sensor in one of their cameras. Truth be told, no mirrorless (other than Sony) even beats the D7000 at IQ.

Lastly, Nikon and Canon are GROWING market share now, not losing it. Both will ship more dslr than ever this year, same as last year, The dslr market will grow this year to 18+ million.

I do think the mirrorless market will take off and replace consumer dslr eventually. When canon and nikon decide to do it.

Exactly.  No mirrorless camera is producing a penny of profit.  Not one.  Only Canon and Nikon have profits to show for their sales.  Mirrorless? Not so much.

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