I need a 220v -240v 2500ws flash that can travel.????

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Re: What for?

michael lipman wrote:

Peter Berressem wrote:

michael lipman wrote:

I am mixing daylight with strobe, So multiple pops are not workable

Easy peasy. At the given aperture, divide the required exposure duration by the amount of pops needed. E.g., metered shutter speed 1/2 sec = 2 exposures @ 1/4 sec what makes 2000Ws from a 1000Ws unit. Or 4 pops @ 1/8 sec = 4000Ws flash power.....

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cheers, Peter

Ok this is interesting  A typical exposure with light and strobe mixed is 1/160 at f8 or f 5.6

the flash will not sync at 1/320 ? for 2 pops.

Wow, 1/160 indoors? I'm used to 1/15 or thereabout... can't you take measures to get there (lower ISO, aperture, ND filter) making multi pops possible ?

the flash takes 2 to 2.5 seconds to recycle so how do you do that on a Nikon digital camera??????

Most if not all Nikons do additive exposure / "multiple exposure"... 'auto gain' turned to "off", of course. It's in the manual, I'm sure.

Like in the old fim days, you take a single consecutive shot after the flash has recycled.

I could do it on a 4x5 film camera but I do not use a 4x5 any more.

You can do it on Nikons, Canon 5DIII / 1DX and others as well...

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cheers, Peter

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