Panasonic GX1 or E-PL2?

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Re: Think about it.

BobT wrote:

Good answers, Guy.  I truly appreciated your response.  Thanks.

I'm sticking with the E-PL2.  I haven't used it enough to realize any shortcomings as yet.  When (and if I do) then I might get serious about an upgrade for a REAL reason.

The number 1 thing to avoid with the PL2 is the dread i-Enhance Picture Mode, which will crap all over your color balance.  Unfortunately this particular Picture Mode is fixed in the i-Auto shooting mode, so also avoid i-Auto.  My work arounds to steer clear of i-Auto are the Scene "Landscape+Portrait" (for daylight, duh) and Program mode for everything else.

Have fun,
Kelly Cook

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