40mm FX AF prime options?

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That is nonsense

mironv wrote:

Chas P wrote:

As sometimes happens, I was taken by a friends Flickr upload and looked at the exif. 40mm f/2.8, an it was a great street portrait. I figured he had used a 24-70 but it turns out it's a 40/2.8 pancake  which cost him £120 and has AF. Any equivalent in F mount? I'm interested in the 35/2 AF-d but would much rather 40mm. The Voightlander looks interesting too, but it's pricy for MF only..

Your obsession about 40mm is pointless. You can get same shot with 50 60 35 28 70 it is just about a distance from an object.

That is nonsense! The distance change changes perspective, changes FOV. The only thing distance change accomplishes is to have the subject the same size, but everything else changes! You have no idea what you are talking about....

If its that important just get 45mm f2.8 P manual lens or DX 40mm f2.8 Macro.

Or the Voigtlander 40mm.

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