Anyone jump ship to the D7100 yet?

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katman68 wrote:

The Nikon 7100 is incapable of doing what I use & bought my 7D for in the first place. 3 years later, Nikon still hasn't built an equal to the 7D. It also is a Nikon, which has a much less user-friendly interface in my experience than a Canon.

For those that think Canon's Q or service leaves something to be desired, go try Nikon's. And I'm speaking from a friend's experience w/$5-6000 bodies, including a NIB $6000 D4 where apparently the "paint guy" forgot to thoroughly spray the body. It had a nickel-sized bare metal spot just below the viewfinder. Wisely, wondering what ELSE Nikon forgot she returned it to B & H. My friend has likely bought $25,000 in Nikon gear, yet their response was she'd have to get back on the waiting list(she'd already waited several mths). I can only imagine how it is w/their "cheap" cameras. Nope, grass ain't greener on the other side from where I'm standing!



no disrespect,7d is a great cam..that canon produced 2 years AFTER went over d300 spec line for line and added them to was soo impressed with d300 that they finally added the excellent "built in wireless commander mode" to 7d..d300/300s ..and every nikon slr since the mid 1990's can link their spot meter to the af points..EOS 1D series is the only canon camera to offer this..the lowly d50's d40's and d3200 nikons have that feature..which is very useful for critical exposure when shooting stage lit subjects with dark backgrounds..focus and recompose at wide apertures is not good enough..just saying..7d is great camera and i like it..but it is missing some important features that i like in nikon cameras..happy shooting

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