Mid life crisis- Maybe not but close

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Mid life crisis- Maybe not but close

I’m Stumped, I’m upgrading to DSLR’s and in looking at all the options out there I think I have become stupid.  My 3 choices after looking at everything is as fallows:

Canon T4i with the Can/18-135 and 50 1.4 with the Tammy 70-300DiVCUSD- reasons are the touch screen, able to view AF changes live and good beginner camera and has decent video capabilities

Pentax K5 iis with Pen 18-135, 55-300 and the 50 1.4- reasons are the build quality of Pentax along with the fact that the photographs taken with this system are well balanced.  Just a great camera for a great price and weather is an issue I will grow into.

Nikon D7100 with the Nik 18-105 and 50 1.4, again with the Tammy 70-300- reason are that I like the 24 MP sensor (even though it’s new to Nikon), has a “prosumer” type body like the Pentax and a larger following behind the product.

My quandary is what system I should jump in bed with?  I love the effort Pentax puts into their camera bodies. They give us what every camera at this price range should have.  I think by far the Pentax line at this price point is the best value, period.  I like the ease of use with the Canon and since this is my first jaunt into the DSLR world should I aim low and use the live AF and touch screen to familiarize myself first and then in 3 or 4 years upgrade, but then would I feel stuck with Canon (which I believe is overpriced for what they offer in build quality). Finally, Nikon is almost there with Pentax as far as build quality and value; however, it’s just not. Not to mention I am not at all familiar with the Nikon brand (have shot both Canon and Pentax film/ P&S).

Am I overshooting with the Nikon/Pentax to begin with? Should I just get the T4i to help me learn and upgrade later and would I be happy with the cheap feel/ body construction as I like to feel something solidly built when I’m spending that kind of money on it.

You see….. I feel like I’m trying to decide if I want to take the risk of asking out the A-lister for a night on the town and fear of getting rejected. Give me your thoughts please

Thank you in advance

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