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I'e followed your previous posts about the same subject. And you might be right, at some level. Digital has eaten away some sales from the market, but there is still demand for photography. The weddings might be down, but for me, magazine work is up. So is the demand for day one videos (short stories on local events). For me tough, photos are supplemental to other skills I sell. I can photograph, but I do journalism as well. I get enough jobs as a writer who can shoot, or an interviewer or whatnot.

These days the photog has to adapt to the media, not the other way around. If you don't get hired as a shooter, maybe you could get hired as something else who also shoots. It's a skillset as any other. There is always a demand for photography. But sadly, these days adequate photos are enough, and the really high-end stuff is something that only a few can live by. Heck, most finnish move directors pay their bills with adverts and music videos and writing and whatever.

My point is, maybe these days you have to be able to offer more then just pretty pictures. A product that has more value to anyone who is buying.

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