For travel - 20mm or 25mm Panasonic?

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Re: sheep herding?

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- 17/1.8: small and fast, good IQ, classic street photography focal length. Expensive (£400).

- 17/2.8: although compact, slow AF and IQ/aperture poor, avoid.


Ya' know, there are some pretty compelling tests comparing the 17/2.8 to the 17/1.8 and the 2.8 actually holds up pretty well. In my tests, the 17/2.8 also bests the Pan 14... so just sayin' given these two facts, singling out the 17/2.8 as an "avoid" is probably more driven by internet sheep herding.

Indeed, as they say here the Mother of the Cretins is always Pregnant. In other forums the 17/2.8 has developed in a small cult, but a long lasting, delightful one:

It's been on for 4 years!

Here instead the Panny noobs developed a negative meme, so that the Oly lens could be blackballed forever. 99% of course never used one.



And here is what your favorite Oly Fanboy and reviewer Ming Thein had to say about the 17 f2.8

"One of the first lenses released for the fledgling Micro Four Thirds system was the 17/2.8 – equivalent to 34mm in full-frame talk, and the staple walk-around lens for most photographers. I’ve personally never been a fan of this focal length – it simply doesn’t fit with the way I see – so I tried it once on the first E-P1, and never paid it much attention since. That lens was a simple 6/4 design with a single aspherical element at the rear, and notorious for managing to pack many undesirable qualities into a single lens at once – it was slow to focus, suffered from serious lateral chromatic aberration at the edges at pretty much all apertures, and was extremely noisy while hunting to boot."

Seems he thought it was a Piece of junk unworthy of his use and replaced it in his bag with the Panny 20 f1.7

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