Panasonic GX1 or E-PL2?

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I currently have the E-PL2 and a pair of kit lenses.  But being that I spend (way too much) time checking out Craigslist, I noticed a Panasoninc GX1 body (Like New) for $250.  So tell me, is the GX1 enough of a step-up over the E-PL2 that I should consiider it?  Or  would you recommend I leave well enough alone and stick with my Oly PEN camera?  Both my Oly 14-42 II and 40-150mm lenses WILL work on the GX1, will they not?  But I'd lose my image stabilization with the GX1.  Correct?


buying camera bodies.

This is by my count your fourth u 4/3 camera in two years, and you have yet to post a photo thread taken with any of them, or even a single photo taken with a  u 4/3 camera.

Most of us agree that it is better to invest in lenses rather than bodies, and even better to invest in your skills rather than lenses.

Also, if we can't see examples of the types of photo's you take then it is very difficult to make any recomendations about what camera you should have, unless you are merely a collector.


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