X20 - Chevrolet Impala

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Re: X20 - Chevrolet Impala

timo wrote:

That interior shot with the seat fabric is quite convincing. I would like to pixel peep on that one.

Love the car (although just past the peak of appealing US car design - the 50s were better IMHO).

The '60 Chevy was a toned-down version of the '59, actually. In '61 American cars really turned the corner to the straighter, smoother lines.

It must have been quite a challenge driving an aircraft carrier down the road ...

It's a full sized car but nowhere near as big as some. The '60 Impala convertible was 210 inches and 3625 pounds. My folks had a '60 Lincoln Continental Mark V - it was a foot and a half longer (227 inches) and 1500 pounds heavier (5000+). Now that was an aircraft carrier!

The Chevy convertible is a much better looking car though, probably a dream to drive.

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It's nice to say that nice pictures are nice.

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