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Re: That's just the way EVF is...

I've stated my case.  I have a Minolta camera (OVF) and an a100.

The use of the term hyperbole (obvious exaggeration) and the frankly derogatory comment about my turning red and blowing steam do not belong in a rational discussion.

I have an a99.

I do not have a 'dark' viewfinder, and never have.

Nor on my a77.

The opposite is the case.

Why is the OP asking for help.  Well it seems so the OVF people can jump up and down and deride the cameras that have EVF.  They would like us to thing we've bought some piece of junk.

After reading the 600 pages in Gary's book, I see I'm not the only 'supporter'.

The OP stated..."Are you guys experiencing the same?? Is there a way to fix this problem? As it stands the A99 seems unsuited for use in bright light?!"

I negated the assertion above.  I do NOT have any problem at all.  In fact, I can look AT the sun, and when my settings are right, ie ISO 100 the F stop of my choice and the speed set where it balances things out so they are going to be right in post, or just for printing, everything is fine.  Very fine.

It is possible some people are more sensitive to sunlight, and their eyes do not compensate for this, by constricting.  Of course I've looked at thousands of eyes at accidents and fires, and there are reasons why someones eye is dilated when it should be constricted.  Some are disease related, and others are related to drugs.  One such drug of course is the one they put in your eye for an eye exam, where you have to have a driver or leave with temporary very dark glasses.

I find it offensive that you have to go on a tirade about my attempt to analyze what is wrong.

I will give you that Gary Friedman states that 'some users who wear glasses in bright sunlight find the viewfinder hard to see.'  YET...

"A friend of mine who’s a professional event videographer uses the Sony A99 and just laughs at all the Canon guys who try to shoot video outdoors on bright days (their cameras don’t have an EVF, so they have to use the rear LCD screen to shoot with, which is almost always washed out by the sun.) (Just sayin’...)"

the above is a quote from the new book on the a99 by Gary.

So does this make a definitive statement about a short coming of the EVF OR the fact that people who need corrective lenses have challenges.  Perhaps they do.  The will also have problems with an OVF, just like my wife who due to astigmatism is unable to use binoculars at all.  And she finds most cameras are not usable, AT ALL.  So should she jump in here and slam the EVF?

Heck it's the best, it's getting better, and most people on the planet will have the same conclusion as I did, IT MADE ME WANT TO GET OUT AND START SHOOTING ALL OVER AGAIN.  Not just shooting snaps of vacations, but getting down at ground level to shoot a violet or snail.  It changed my life to a degree, because I needed a good hobby to take my mind off things.  And for now this is it.  Until I become too senile to do it on a full time basis.

Me, my a99, my dog, and pickup.  We are having fun, shooting in the sun and shade, and going new places all the time.

The a99 did not, for one minute, disappoint me.

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