What is largest possible print size with a GH3 1 and 12-35/f2.8 (without loss of Quality)

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Re: What is largest possible print size with a GH3 1 and 12-35/f2.8 (without loss of Quality)

At the risk of inducing everyone's wrath, a simple formula is to figure out how many pixels your pictures have and divide by the quality or DPI (dots per inch) on the print. In your case it would be 4608x3456(I think). Divide that by 300 which is the standard for a decent print and you get 11.52x15.36. My local Walmart seems to print at something like 286 DPi- that seems to be a number that I crop at without seeing any cropping in the print. A Pro service that I sometimes use can print at 400 DPI. So, its safe to assume an 11x14 print would be acceptable.

Now, there are all kinds of factors that others have mentioned like viewing distance, etc. A full frame 16 megapixel will have the same ratio but may return better results based on the larger size of the pixels. There are enlarging softwares out there that produce great results such as Perfect Resize that can be used to up-size an image to match a print size for given DPI's.

If you check the sites of digital medium format backs, ( that range from 10-40 thousand dollars) they provide the same info regarding enlargements.

So what does it all mean? If you want to try a really large blow-up, I would go to some place like Walmart and get a cheap 'POSTER' print done to see if your shot works. The poster prints are done one a different machine and will not yield the same quality of a print, if for no other reason than the quality of the paper, but it is a fair indicator as to what it may look like.

Don't worry about which lens you used. If the image looks sharp-it is sharp. Experiment, and see what works for you. There is nothing like making a large print of an image that you like, or has a personal meaning for you and is hung on the wall. After all, making prints is what photography is all about! Isn't it?

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