Negative Voting DESTROYS "Challenges"

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Re: Negative Voting DESTROYS "Challenges"

Steve Throndson wrote:

l_objectif wrote:

Do you really think cheaters would admit they are cheating?...

l_objectif -- do you really think a innocent members should not declare their innocence?  They have the right to defend themselves, do they not?  We have heard from both thanasaki and britties now.

We had other family members, "friends', gangs, club members, etc, etc that in reality were the same person! Most of them are still in challenges without being bothered by DPR! ....

This is true - but it is not proof that member thanasaki has a double identity - or a collaborator.  Imagine yourself in a courtroom, charged with robbing a bank - and hearing the prosecutor say 'Other people have robbed banks - therefore the defendant must be guilty'.

I am with you all the way in wanting to fix the voting system - but witch hunts based on illogical arguments like the one above aren't the way to do it.

The photos posted by tasad are suspicious - but reasonable explanations have been offered.  It's too bad that OldArrow and santamonica812 have publicly stated that they're adding the names to their 'blacklists'.  That damage is not easily undone.  Can you 'un-burn' a witch?


Dear Steve,

You can't un-burn a witch.  Some group of people here still insist it's the victim's fault for wearing black!  How unfortunate... don't you agree?!?

Anyway, I'd like to say well done to tasad for apologizing.  We all make mistakes but whether we learn from it is another thing.  In the example I attach on many years ago, I left a comment 'Deja Vu'.  But when they couple explained, I was humbled  and made me think twice before posting such comments.

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