Problem with Color Munki Photo Test Charts

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Re: Problem with Color Munki Photo Test Charts

Rkelac wrote:

jtoolman wrote:

Rkelac wrote:

I'm trying to print out a test chart to create a profile for Red River's San Gabriel paper with a Canon Pro 9000 mkii printer.  Towards the end of the print it appears that the black cartridge cannot deliver ink fast enough and there are some gaps on the black and dark blue patches.  The patches have really dense ink loads.

Why would printing charts on a particular paper cause ink starvation?

I have no idea.  Do you have any suggestions?  Maybe the media type?

Are you refilling your CLI-8 carts or are they OEM.

I'm refilling OEM cartridges using OCP ink.

Also can't you just download RR's own ICC profiles for that paper and printer?

I just assumed that they would not work very well with OCP ink.

I own a CM Photo and I very well know that I can not create a better profile with my very limited 50 patch test prints than RR can with their multi thousand dollar profiling system.

Have you tried optimizing the profile using other images?

Test prints, nozzle test patterns, and test charts with other papers are fine.  Anyone know how to slow down the printing on a 9000mkii so I can get rid of the gaps?  Either Mac or PC driver.

Are you printing at the highest possible quality for the paper type. I assume RR SG is a glossy like barita surface.


Red River suggests using the Photo Paper Plus Semi-Gloss media type.  It is a Baryta surface but not very glossy.

Uh Oh.  I think I may see the problem.  For all other papers, I'm using High quality.  On this paper I'm using Standard.

BINGO! You really need to use the highest possible quality and make sure you have also done a print head alignment.

That would slow the printer down, right?  Thanks Joe!

The printer is not really slowed down as you say. It is simply overlapping a lot more per pass thus creating a higher detailed print as compared to the 1/2" wide passes with not overlapping or dithering that you are getting by having chosen Standard.


Just a suggestion when you post anything new. Make sure that you provide ALL details and don't assume anything. I assumed you were using OEM and not OCP which definitely requires profiling for ALL your papers as it does not match OEM in color characteristics.

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