To go full frame or not?

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Re: FF in a period of rapid change.

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I'd wait a year before committing to a new FF system. Sony is clearly testing the waters for FF and large sensor developments. Nex ff?

This is the road I have taken. I'm a pixel peeper so D800 was talking to me, but there are other considerations than Nex size that has kept me from going there. I like the EVF and Sony live view/magnification/focus peeking are IMO more useful (at least for me) than OVF. Even Nikon's new 7100 supposedly have quite flaved live view. So throwing D800 level $$$ to a big and heavy camera that does not have all the things I love with my Nex is a nono.

I have a Speedbooster for my Nex-6 and since the high pixel count FF is going to need quality lenses to make ful benefit anyway I'll propably pick up a Nikon mount 50 mm Zeiss Macro planar; this is a lens I can use now with the Speedbooster (Lloyd Chambers tested this as about the best lens there is to use with the SB) through the Nikon to EF adapter, quite sure I'm able to adapt it to FF Nex when/if it comes, I can use it if I commit to Nikon FF at some point and I can use it even if Canon comes up with something amazing for EF mount.

Nex-7N is supposedly around the corner; gonna use one to keep me occupied while the FF future is more clear.

Ken Rockwell said, "Ideal Users: Rich guys who insist on the very best mechanics in a new SLR lens, regardless of cost."

I find Lloyd Chambers much better at telling reasoning behind his opinions and he found Makro Planar about the best match there is for a Speedbooster (it tooled the Canon 50/1.2L that is over 50% more expensive in Speedbooster test) and one could easily see the difference in the tests images (not charts but real world images). It is also a glass that is tested to be quite futureproof in terms of megapixel war raging over the 50M.

I see Makro Planar ZF.2 a much more sound way to spend around 1000 Eur than for example SEL24 or SEL1018 that are priced nearly the same over here; while these are both superb lenses they are crop lenses not adaptable to anything else and when/if FF Nex appears they become somewhat outdated. Makro Planar or any Zeiss ZF.2 lens can easily be shot with Nex with or without a Speedbooster and it can be used with any current or future Canon or Nikon FF DSLR; talk about good resell value.

Now that sounds like very good advice, thanks.

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