Negative Voting DESTROYS "Challenges"

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Re: Negative Voting DESTROYS "Challenges"

santamonica812 wrote:

Thanks OldArrow, for a thoughtful largely echoes my own sentiments.

I have a few helpful suggestions, to the above-mentioned members.

1.  If you share equipment and go out shooting together--that is girlfriend and I often do that, and we always share equipment.  But we would NEVER enter two images into the same challenge.  Ever.  Ever ever ever.  I suggest that you two exercise similar restraint.  (And that, of course, goes for families where multiple people all belong to DP.  Pick one person in any "group" to enter a particular challenge.  Never more than that.)

2.  I would never leave a comment on DP for any of my girlfriend's images.  She would never leave one for me.  More than anything, doing this creates a foul stench, in my humble opinion.  If your friend takes a nice shot, then by all means compliment him or her...IN PERSON.  I cannot think of a single reason why you need to post a comment for a friend's image.  Since doing so is exactly what a cheater (with 2 accounts) would do, avoiding leaving positive "stranger" comments like this will be helpful to your image.  I am not saying that doing this is sleezy or unethical...I am saying that doing this *looks* sleezy and unethical.  Avoid bias and avoid the appearance of bias.

3.  Don't vote in any challenge where your friend has an entry.  And tell your friend the challenges you have entered--and encourage him/her to not vote in those challenges.

Dear Santamonica, are you real?

Then you are an angel!... or rather, normal! I wish everyone had your integrity! After all, entries have to be anonymous and if "friends" or "siblings" post and we know about it; it is indeed, very dishonest to vote for it or even to make a comment!

As for different camera, etc, etc, please check my response to tasad who has been doing a magnificent job! The link:

Very best,

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