Posting RAW photos to Web

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Re: Posting RAW photos to Web

If you're posting a real RAW file (say a .ORF or .RW2) most RAW processors will ignore whatever color space is set in the file and use ProPhotoRGB anyway.  So it really doesn't matter; you're not using it in pre-processed files.

If you've already processed the file and are exporting it and aren't using JPEG, I'm assuming you're using TIFF.  You can export that as sRGB or AdobeRGB.  A color profiled app should recognize an AdobeRGB TIFF and display that appropriately however not all applications are (and thus sRGB is the "safe default").  However, the "safe default" for a web browser would be a sRGB JPEG anyway.

If you're just posting a RAW file to the web, it'll be downloaded as a file and would have to be opened with a RAW processor to be converted so someone wouldn't be viewing it in the browser.

I guess my question is: what are you trying to do and maybe we can be more help.

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