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Re: That's just the way EVF is...

John, you're flogging a dead horse. It's easy enough to test any number of EVFs - just use the original Minolta metering probe with viewfinder adaptor. The result is that the EVFs are all considerably dimmer in daylight and brighter in room light. But, they show depth of field correctly (which the OVF can not do - even fitted with the Type M screen) and they also give some approximation of the final result as the sensor sees it. The OVF can't do that at all.

All the hyberbole about how many pictures you have taken with X and how someone else's camera must be broken is just so much Captain Mainwaring bluster... I'm afraid I can imagine you going red in the face and with steam puffing out of your ears as you write!

The OP's camera is almost certainly working just fine, but not working all that well for them in certain conditions. It takes a lot of getting used to the EVF contrast curve to accept that what may seem to be dead black shadows can have loads of detail in your final capture. In a way the EVF can simplify images and help composition by focusing your attention on the broad tones and shapes of the view.

Here's a simple fact: both OVFs and EVFs are relevant and useful. The arrival of the EVF does not make the OVF obsolete, any more than the arrival of SLRs rendered the Leica obsolete, or the arrival of viewfinders ended the use of groundglass screen focusing. All these technlogies will continue.

BUT - EVFs will improve, and keep improving. I have seen the 4k resolution Epson EVF demonstrated at photokina. I remember how much the Panasonic early EVFs impressed me at the same show two years earlier. OVFs, in contrast, reached their peak around 1976-80 with Minolta's Acute Matte and Canon's laser matte screens; they have never gone any further, and the same basic tech is used today (though only for the best - it was expensive then and remains expensive now).

So John, despite your dismissive and rather hectoring approach to helping  better understanding of this matter, ultimately you'll be proved right and we will have EVFs which really do match brightness even in contrasty, difficult daylight. We will probably also have OVFs, and cameras with nothing but rear screens, and cameras with no screen at all which use your iPhone for all control and composition while shooting 36 megapixel supersnaps. Actually we'll have everything you can currently imagine.

Some people will still find they have specific problems, and some people will continue to berate them as if THEY are the problem. C'est la vie!


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