7D Mirror Shake - w/70-200 f/2.8 - Advice on brace, please

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Re: 7D Mirror Shake - w/70-200 f/2.8 - Advice on brace, please

tonyjr wrote:

1st , I use an old bogen tripod I bought for my VHS camera . It ways more than 2 new 'pods .

Raise the ISO . If you have to crank up center column , tripod is to short . My heads have 3 handles - left / right - up / down and angle - more handles = more weight and better control .

High or strong wind for me = older heavy bogen tripod , older steel head

Heads =3038, 3039, 3047, 3055S & 3063 - Q R plate  3049

Bogen long lens support [ 293 I think ] the tripod ring on lens is designed for a few cameras - My 7D or XTI [ both have grips ] is different from say a 5DC without a grip . Throw on my strap - I have both the hand and shoulder on both camera = balancing is hard with the lens ring only . I made a spacer out of PVC pipe so the lens ring and camera grip with the same height . [ 7 D and XTI are different heights and yes I had to buy longer screws ] You can also hang weights from / on camera strap .

2 water bottles that have the plastic thing that holds them together to hang from center post . I also put 2 2 lb ankle weights on the legs of tripod [ hard to do if you have the screw type instead of lever .

I use a remote - either wired or radio - the infrared  built-in - you need to be in front of camera . I seldom use mirror lock up but don't go slower than 1/125 either .

Try to park car / truck to block wind , big rock , tree , wall etc  . Just you standing by camera can divert wind .

Go to a used / 2nd hand store and buy a golf bag with big wheels - easier to drag all the gear than carry it - a good fold up chair also [ but new ]

A bottle of water , coke or even beer - set on ground , then check 4 or 5 minutes later - if it has ripples , ground is vibrating . Put a folded up towel under each leg of tripod . You can also buy little levels level bubbles if one is not built into tripod head .

RCO – PANCAKE = 625 , 3296 for monopod

BTW , if you get ripples in the bottles , generally your IS / OS whatever will work - if it starts hunting - turn back off .

Tony I really like your advice on the weights for the legs no matter how strong the tripod. This also will cause less of a mass for the wind to play with.  The wind is my biggest issue at time.  As other posters have said here the longer plate will stop a lot of the wobble when the camera and lens are bollted together. It cuts my mass by 50% that's huge!

So if you see a guy with an old golf bag on wheels with bottles of beer and a 46lb tripod... You'll know it's me.

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