Which camera for my lenses?

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Re: Which camera for my lenses?

Firstly, a couple of basic questions.

1. Do you want to print your images and if so, how large? Greater than what fits on A4 paper?)

2. Are you totally happy with a viewfinder or can you see the need for live view ( seeing what you are shooting on the LCD ?

Let's assume that the answer to 1 is yes. Then provided you don't need A3 paper or larger, any sensor from 5 to infinity megapixels is adequate. If you want to print large images then you need > 15 megapixels for your sensor.

All of the latest cameras have live view so there's probably no problem there. Use the viewfinder or the LCD.

I make that point because 2 of the best cameras available are the Konica/Minolta 7D and the Sony A700. Both old, both brilliant and neither has live view. But both have more than enough dials and buttons to allow total control of your image without diving into the camera menu. Granted you would normally only change aperture, shutter speed, white balance, exposure and ISO, but the additional controls can be useful and certainly are an aid to learning just what can be achieved.

From the list provided by the previous responder, I would suggest that you ignore any camera that has a "number" that is less than 5. Sure, the others will work and will provide satisfaction but given that there won't be a lot of difference in the price, go for better.

The camera I most regret selling was my Minolta 7D. I still have my Sony A700, bought as a replacement, but I have also bought a Sony A57 and will probably not buy another camera. The A57 seems to be going down in price but since I don't know your budget, .....

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